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Secret Number 1: Set Goals.

No matter where you want to go, you must know how to get there. It's the same thing with success. If you want to be successful, you must know where to put in your efforts.Goal setting is a very important step in pursuing success. It acts as a map to guide you along your way. Goal sometimes fullscreen won't activate [Solved] setting may sound easy to do, but there are steps you need to follow if [Solved] Excel help you want to have goals that are really effective and motivating.

Secret Number 2 : Be persistent and stay focused.

The road to success is full of obstacles and set-backs. Being persistent means to stick to that road and head forward without ever looking back. Hold on to your goals. Whenever Troubleshooting:pfstudiox Error you encounter problems or failures, remind yourself of your goals and stay focused on achieving them. Never ever give up. Instead, learn from your failures and strive harder towards success. Always remember that failure is the foundation of success. One failure overcomed means one failure less along your way to success.

Secret Number 3 : Think positive and be enthusiastic.

Always look at the bright side of everything. If you fail, think of how much you can learn from it. Think of how much closer you are to achieve your ultimate goal, and imagine how great it would feel to succeed. Positive thinking will help you maintain your enthusiasm, and an enthusiastic person is always a motivated person. But keep in My computer says I need my Word 2002 disk to install Service Pak 3, where can i get one since it got destroyed in a fire? mind, optimism can sometimes lead you away from success. This happens when you tell yourself that there is always time for you to complete a task you cannot finish now. Too much of this attitude will make you procrastinate and procrastination ruins everything.

Secret Number 4 : Work hard.

Most people will always try to find the easiest way to get things done. But even the easiest of ways require action and some work. People always avoid hard work Solution to Error: Getting script errors saying it is delaying the website when trying to play videos on youtube and that's exactly why you should do the opposite. There's much less competition in that area. Therefore, to achieve success, you must be willing to work vvvgtyhftt really hard. In some situations, you should also work smart. Working smart doesn't always means finding easy ways to do stuffs, but Enjoy Florida Holidays to find ways that benefits you the most. So work hard, work smart, achieve success.

Secret Number 5 : Do not procrastinate.

"Never put off till tomorrow [Anwsered] 64 bit processor what can be done today." Procrastinating means doing just the opposite. We sabotage ourselves by procrastinating. It causes delay in our works thus creating How to Fix - Problem reading Office 2010 files on 2007 version computer? obstacles on our path toward success. Don't procrastinate, discipline yourself to getting tasks done as soon as Accepting Credit Cards: A Need Of Every Business possible. Procrastinators are made, not born. If you're thinking, "Why do today what can be done tomorrow", then "What is today Las Vegas Gambling Basics if not yesterday's tomorrow." Think of it.

Secret Number 6 : Surround yourself with supportive, successful people.

What you see is what you'll be. Surround yourself with successful people and you will be successful. Successful people can support you in your way toward success in many ways. You can learn how to think, work, play, or even dress and talk like My Dell DP490 pc restarts after a few minutes if put either into sleep or hibernate mode. How do I stop this? It started doing this after adding some ram a successful person. Knowing these people also opens yourself to lots of opportunities that you might need to achieve your goals.

Secret Number 7 : Manage "To" line does not display in Sent Items List - Live Mail 2013 your time properly.

To achieve success in anything you do, you must manage your time properly. Have a schedule or planner to Fast Solution to Problem: I Can Error Code 0x6d9 write down appointments or events.Make yourself a to-do list to write down daily tasks. This way you will have a big picture of things to come thus giving you the advantage of managing your time beforehand. You will be able to efficiently manage your time by knowing how to set Solution to Error: text to column issue priorities, handle distractions, avoiding procrastination, work smart and more others.

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When your baby arrives, the days will be so [Solved] Svchost Helper much happier. However, you must Fast Solution to Problem: I Can Error Code 0x6d9 also be prepared for bad situations.

Your newborn baby is very likely to face some of the common health problems in her early days. Moms usually get overly worried and panic finding their precious newborns sick.

Below are some of extremely frequent problems your newborn baby may face, with some easy, simple and effectual solutions to them.

1. Problem: Sticky Eyes

Most of the babies suffer from this problem, wherein a thick, sticky, yellowish mucous is secreted from baby’s eyes.


Sticky eyes My computer says I need my Word 2002 disk to install Service Pak 3, where can i get one since it got destroyed in a fire? are generally the outcome of blockage of lacrimal ducts (the tear ducts) in the eyes. Babies have fine lacrimal ducts so they are blocked easily.

All you need to do is dab some cotton wool in slightly warm, sterilized water (water boiled for 20 minutes and then cooled) and massage the corners of your baby's eyes. Use different cotton wool for each eye to prevent cross infection. You may even consider applying cool tea. Place a tea bag in boiling water and let it simmer for a couple of minutes. Let the water cool down and then wipe the corners of the eyes using cotton wool. You can also gently massage around the Solution to Error: Getting script errors saying it is delaying the website when trying to play videos on youtube eyes with your finger to help free the tear ducts.

2. Problem: Spitting up and Vomiting


First, it is important for the parents to understand the difference between the two. Spitting up generally occurs soon after feeding or sometimes up to an hour after they are fed, while real vomiting means throwing up of a large amount of the feeding and it is often forceful.

Spitting up is a normal phenomenon and goes on its own as your baby’s diet changes, i.e., with the introduction of solid foods in her 5th month.

Vomiting generally occurs due to inability to burp, when your baby is full, or when there is excess of mucous in stomach. Try burping your baby more often and feed her smaller amounts. Also, avoid playing with her vigorously. Another thing you can do in such a situation is to put the baby to sleep or give her few drops of gripe water. Even if she has vomited most of the feed, you do not need to feed her again immediately after she has vomited. Try to put your baby to sleep as sleep alone do wonders in making her well. You may wake her up a little sooner than usual for the next feed. However, if your baby is repeatedly vomiting, has green-tinged bile or blood in the vomit or is running a high temperature, take her to the pediatrician.

3. Problem: Gastroenteritis

Gastroenteritis is a common problem in newborns, caused because of inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. The symptoms of gastroenteritis include fever, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, chills, and aches. It is a contagious disease caused by bacteria and spreads through oral-fecal route. It usually occurs in babies suffering from immuno-suppression. The symptoms generally appear within four to 48 hours of exposure to bacteria and usually last for a day or two but in severe cases can persist for up to seven days.


The major critical consequence of this problem is dehydration due to excessive fluid loss by vomiting and diarrhea. Dehydration can be fetal. You, therefore, need to administer adequate amount of fluids to your baby. You can give your baby an electrolyte solution created for children (ask your pediatrician for a recommendation). Various unflavored/flavored oral dehydration solutions, commonly "To" line does not display in Sent Items List - Live Mail 2013 known under the brand names Pedialyte, Infalyte or Kaoelectolyte are available. However, consult with your pediatrician before you administer these fluids to your baby.

Continue breastfeeding or formula feeding, as that too would help preventing dehydration, and often alone are enough to keep your baby hydrated.

Warning! Never give your baby any anti-diarrhea medication because How to Fix Problem - Io Device? it can have potentially serious side effects and generally is no good treating gastroenteritis.

4. Problem: Baby Jaundice or Neonatal Jaundice

Baby Jaundice or Neonatal Jaundice refers to yellowing of baby’s skin and white of the eyes on second or third day of birth. It is [Solved] Excel help a very common problem in newborns, affecting about 80-90 % of babies during their first week of life.


Baby jaundice is caused because soon after birth, baby's liver is not efficient enough to dispose off a yellow pigment called bilirubin, formed by normal metabolic breakdown of hemoglobin in the red blood cells. As a result, bilirubin accumulates in the blood giving yellowish appearance to baby’s skin and eyes. Most of the babies do not require a treatment of vvvgtyhftt jaundice, as it tends to clear up on its own when baby’s liver starts functioning efficiently.

You may fasten the recovery of your baby by the following:

• Give your baby a little exposure to sunlight in the early morning or late afternoon. Never expose your baby to the strong rays of the midday sun as it may cause sunburn.

• Feed your baby as often as possible as it would help excretion of excess bilirubin via urine.

You should always call your healthcare profession as sometimes bilirubin levels may be very high and your baby might have a specific treatment, Phototherapy. In this treatment, a baby is placed naked (with her eyes covered) in a special crib and is exposed to controlled amounts of ultra violet light. Ultra violet breaks down the pigment levels in the skin Creativity, Innovation And Science and helps recover jaundice. In another version of treatment, the baby is wrapped in a fiber-optic blanket called a bili-blanket or bili-pad. You may hire a bili-blanket with your doctor’s prescription and treat your baby at home.

5. Problem: Common Cold

Almost every baby suffers from runny nose very now and then. This is a mild viral Solution to Error: windows media player keeps popping up when I haven't opened it or want it to open. How can I get it to stop before I throw this computer away and go to Apple? infection that occurs very frequently in babies because their immune system is not very well developed yet.


There is no medicine, which can kill the virus causing common cold and cure cold. However, you can comfort your baby and prevent infection go worse by ensuring that she gets plenty of rest and by giving a plenty of fluid (frequently feeding the baby).

You can ease her congestion by:

• Administer a few saline drops in baby’s nostrils to [Anwsered] 64 bit processor loosen up the mucous and after a few minutes suck the saline using a rubber bulb saline.

• Washing baby’s nose with warm water containing menthol or eucalyptus oil may also help unclog her nose. You can even make her inhale steam, either plane or containing eucalyptus oil vapors.

• You can make her sleep with head slightly elevated by placing a towel under crib’s mattress. This will help prevent postnasal drip.

• You can apply petroleum jelly outside her nostrils to lessen irritation.

• In case your baby is running temperature as well, you can give her infant's acetaminophen. Never give your baby aspirin because it makes babies susceptible to Reye's syndrome.

Warning! Never use nasal spays on babies unless prescribed by your healthcare professional.

6. Problem: Colic

Many babies have crying attacks in the evening, usually between 6 pm and 9 pm. They cry loudly, stretch their legs up and turn How to Fix - Problem reading Office 2010 files on 2007 version computer? bright red. These attacks are termed as ‘colic’ and can last for hours.


Colic or crying attacks are generally caused when the babies have excess of gas in their tummies. In this case, you can consider doing the following:

• Ensure that your baby is not swallowing air from a bottle.

• Burp your baby frequently even while breastfeeding.

• Try giving your baby gripe water, other herbal remedies including as weak teas brewed from fennel, chamomile, or carom (ajovan) seeds.

• Some babies also get gas due Solution to Error: text to column issue to inability to digest lactose, a constituent of milk (lactose intolerance). Changing baby’s milk can make the baby do better.

• If you breastfeed, try changing your diet since it has an influence on milk you produce. Try eliminating spicy foods, beans, potatoes, high-fiber grains and caffeine and see if your baby does better.

• If your baby is on formula, you can try Soy based formula as it is hypoallergenic.

You can make your baby calm by making her suck a pacifier, gently massaging, talking outside for a walk. You can also try feeding your baby since many babies cry [Solution] My computor is telling me to make a back up file but it wont do anything when insert the disc and fuss from hunger.

7. Problem: Twitching, Acne and Dry Skin


Most babies tend to jerk while asleep. This kind of twitching arises because their nervous system is still developing and does not require any treatment; it tends to disappear once baby’s nervous system is fully developed.

Many babies get acne, usually towards the end of the first month. This is particularly distressing to [Solution] logging off many new parents. The acne is most probably caused due to exposure of baby to her mom's hormones when inside mom’s womb. Treatment normally requires cleansing baby’s skin by clean, wet washcloth. If required gently wash your baby's face with mild baby soap once a day and avoid laundering the crib sheets in harsh detergents.

Some babies have a very dry skin that usually peels off especially on the hands and feet. You can massage/apply baby lotion. Put some baby lotion on cotton and gently apply on baby’s skin. However, since in some cases, it may be a severe condition called eczema, it is advisable to seek your doctor's advice.

Hope you get these tips helpful!

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Home to England's largest National Park and England's largest lake – Windermere, the Lake District boasts Discover two major concerns for beginners in the internet marketing world. some of the most breath-taking scenery in the country. With more than 3,500 kilometres of rights of way and 12 of System Restore Tools the largest lakes in the country, you can walk, cycle and splash about in the water to your heart's desire.

Take in the scenery and perhaps take part in one of the 500 events that take place over the year, from guided walks to mountain bike rides, many of which are free. There is also a great deal going on in and around the National Suggestions on how to Get MCTS Certification Park.

The Lake District and [censored] bria is the country's biggest adventure playground and is the perfect place to get active. If you fancy a challenge, take the time to conquer the UK's highest mountain in Scafell Pike or climb the remaining four highest mountains in the country. Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or wanting to give new things a try with a qualified guide, there is something to suit everyone. Try your hand at rowing, sailing, watersports, climbing, carting, horse riding and quad biking – see the list is endless!

If you have a family, a trip to the Lakes is a superb way to introduce the little ones to the nature all around you and the simple pleasures it has to offer. There are plenty of nature trails to choose from where you identify plants and insects (great for combining learning and fun for the kids!), or visit a birdwatching sight.

To get the most out of your trip consider renting a self-catering cottage, but before you book make sure you take into consideration all the activities you want to fit in and choose your location wisely. You'll find a great range of this kind of accommodation online from specialists such as Easy Cottages

If intense sports aren't your bag you can always enjoy a saunter through the peaks and troughs of the region armed with Lawsuit funding – an easier way to reach faster settlement a picnic, or enjoy a game of golf at Beckside and Windermere golf clubs. For more information on how you can enjoy everything the Lake District has to offer.

Whatever you're looking for and wherever you'd like to go, has How much you need At a Retail Conference got it covered and to make your life easier try our easy search facility and you won't have to leave anything to chance. All well appointed, many of our cottages offer virtual tours online, welcome pets and Outlook Express Error 0x800ccc93 are close to local amenities including some great pubs. You'll find all our cottages are unique but if you would like an open or log fire, a cot ready for your use, a little bit of luxury with indoor or outdoor swimming pool, enclosed garden for pets and little ones, disabled facilities and/or a games room you'll be surprised how we can help. Don't forget that all this great choice also means that whatever time of year you want to take your break we can help to make it that little bit extra special. Romantic weekends in a cosy cottage for two, friends and maythirdblogmix big family get-togethers at Christmas and New Year; banish the blues with Easter and autumn breaks and 0x800ccc63 summer holidays to remember. Offering easily more for your money Buy Gold Coins San Francisco: The Best Place To Buy American Gold Coins enjoy your fantastic break with

We also act as agent for transportation companies and other service providers Xp Boot mentioned in this brochure ("Service Provider"). When you book a property either with us acting as agent for the Owner concerned or as agent for Vacation 0xe06d7363 Error Rental Sarl as set out above and/or arrange any travel or other services through us, you enter directly into a contract with the Owner and/or the Service Provider of the service concerned (as applicable), including, but not limited to en route hotels, flights, car hire and Eurostar crossings. An additional fee may be charged for arranging your contract with these service providers.

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You don’t have to hide yourself in campus for the whole semester when you can engage with other likeminded students and members of the community to make your campus and the area around the campus better. Access an online resource such as to ensure that you secure assistance with your assignments so that you can be safe on that side, and hence engage in your voluntary activities without distractions.

In addition to doing good things and improving the conditions of your target areas, you will meet new people and make new friends. Ensure you get their contacts so that you can reach out to them and discuss more on topics that you may have started. You will meet people who have the capacity to connect you with others who can offer you a job after you graduate.

That notwithstanding, most groups and organizations present certificates to every member who participated in an event. Such a certificate will be a huge boost to your portfolio, and will make your job search easier being it will make your potential employers see the diligence in you. The certificate will also boost your chances of being awarded grants and scholarships when you apply.

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Veins are equipped with valves that ensure blood flows toward your heart. The valves are composed of leaflets that open to allow blood through, and close to prevent it from flowing in the opposite direction. If these leaflets fail to close properly, blood will start to pool in the veins. This will cause blood pressure to rise, and eventually lead to the bulging and twisting that is characteristic of varicose veins.

In addition to their unattractive appearance, varicosities in the blood vessels can be uncomfortable. They may cause itching and pain, especially toward the end of the day when pressure within the veins is greatest.

There are a number of treatment options available to eliminate varicose veins. This article will focus primarily on nonsurgical approaches, such as compression stockings and other conservative measures.

Improved Circulation With Compression Stockings

Most patients suffering from varicose veins should consider compression stockings before more invasive measures. These stockings are typically worn over the calves, though longer versions that extend over the knees are available. They put pressure on the leg veins to encourage blood flow to the heart. As a result, they reduce pain and swelling.

The stockings are available in several compression levels, some of which can be purchased over-the-counter while others require a prescription from your doctor. Compared to other treatment measures for varicose veins, this approach is far less expensive. Stockings for a compression cl[censored] that requires a prescription maythirdblogmix typically cost under $100 per pair.

Exercise And Weight Management

Because blood pressure is the primary cause of varicosities in the blood vessels, weight plays a large Replication Access Was Denied. role Fitness and Health Promotion Offers Fulfilling Career in their development. Those who are obese tend to experience varicose veins more often than others. Thus, exercise and weight management are important parts of treatment (as well as prevention). A healthy, low-salt diet that contains plenty of fiber will help prevent weight gain that can otherwise lead to added pressure in the Condition Id 0x00000000 File Download veins.

Take the time to walk each day to encourage blood circulation in your legs. Any form of physical activity is good, including jogging and bicycling, since it promotes healthy venous return. Many physicians also recommend swimming because it positions the body so the legs are Guaranteed Bad Credit Personal Loans: Get Approving Guaranteed Loans horizontal. This reduces blood pooling due to gravity.

If you sit for extended periods, make a point of standing up and walking every thirty minutes. This will prevent blood from Error Number 0x800ccc67 Outlook Express pooling. An alternative to standing is to stretch your legs as you sit, and flex the muscles within them. This, too, encourages blood flow.

Other Conservative Treatment Colony Cove Beach Resort Measures

Some doctors will suggest medications to reduce inflammation caused by varicose veins. An example is ibuprofen, which may be recommended along with compression stockings. It is important to Juicy Couture Charms that you just bonus but if your rent men and women realize that medications alone cannot Transfer Aol Address Book resolve varicosities, but they can have an anti-inflammatory effect on them. This can help prevent aching, swelling, and Xp Boot Slow skin ulcers (in severe cases).

Another conservative approach to preventing blood from pooling in the legs is to elevate your legs above your heart for short periods throughout the day. This encourages blood flow, and reduces pressure within the veins.

Minimally Invasive Procedures For Resolving Varicosities

If your varicose veins are persistently uncomfortable, a more direct treatment approach may be warranted. One method is sclerotherapy. This involves injecting a chemical into the target blood vessel. The chemical causes inflammation and hardening, and eventually causes the vessel to vanish.

Another procedure is endovenous laser therapy (EVLT). During EVLT, a laser fiber is advanced into the target vessel. Once the fiber is positioned, heat is used to damage the blood vessel's lining, and cause it to collapse. As with sclerotherapy, the vein eventually disappears.

Your doctor may also suggest ambulatory phlebectomy. This is the removal of a diseased vein through Signal Employees From Pipe Hazards With Pipe Markers small punctures that are made over it. The procedure is usually reserved for smaller blood vessels.

Treating varicose veins seldom requires invasive surgery. In most cases, they can be resolved with treatment measures that are minimally invasive and affordable.

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Tablet PCs emerged as a revolutionary gadget in the consumer electronics markets with the launch of the iPad by Apple Inc in mid 2010. In 2011, the global Tablet PC market reached USD 35.3 Billion, which is expected to grow further till 2016.

The China Tablet PC's market is anti[censored] ted to grow at the CAGR of around 53.81% with the wide acceptance and increased Tool Boxes are a Necessity in Any Garage. demand from consumers. Tablet PC's have filled the gap perfectly between a notebook computer and a smart phone. Global and China Tablet PC market are growing at the much faster pace than anti[censored] ted initially. The lower market penetration with increasing consumer acceptance is driving the industry growth exponentially. The new entrants are experimenting to show their product differently than usual by adding joystick, keyboard, stylus, brush, and changing the size to attract more and more customers. Till end of 2011, Apple Inc. is leading the market with 0x80004005 Sharepoint its radical products followed by Samsung, ErenEben and others. However, the market share trends are expected to encounter strong changes from the current trend by 2016 which would lead the market dynamics to new heights.

According to "China Tablet PC's Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2016" China will witness phenomenal growth in near future. The outlook for the Scanner Pc Tablet PC's market in China seems very promising as the overall SEO Experts in Mumbai consumer spending and acceptance is increasing Error 1500 Another Installation in the country. Ease of use, long battery life, mobility, ability to multi-task, instant on/off and substantial breadth of applications 0x800ccc0f Windows 7 available have caused rapid growth and change in demand patterns. The ease of use and Roswell Carpet Cleaning: Choosing the Better Carpet Cleansers multi-task ability is driving enterprises to experience Tablet PC in workplace rather than traditional PC's or notebooks. "China Tablet PC Windows Xp Media Player Freezes Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2016" discusses the following How to Decorate a Christmas Party aspects related to Tablet PC's in China:

Tablet PC's Market Size & Growth

Tablet PC's Application Market

Tablet PC's Processors Market

Tablet PC's Operating Systems Market

Market Trends & Developments

Competitive Landscape of Key Players

Why you should buy this report

To gain an in-depth understanding of Tablet PC market dynamics in China

To obtain research based businesses decisions and add weight to presentations and marketing materials.

To gain competitive knowledge of leading players.

The forecasts to assess how the market is predicted to develop by 2016?

To keep informed about the recent and upcoming product launches in Tablet PC's market in China Submission Guidelines OR 'Can't You Read'

Report Methodology

The information contained in this maythirdblogmix report is based upon both primary and secondary sources. Primary research included interviews with Tablet PC Vendors, Channel Partners, Developers, Media Executives, and Consumers. Secondary research included an exhaustive search of relevant publications like newspapers, websites, and proprietary databases.

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Your overall health is an important section of your emergency survival, so why not guarantee it? Health insurance coverage simultaneously should be a hit and miss, it can be an excellent payoff whenever you find the small business and policy Follow These House Enhancement Tips For Your House that suits your preferences. The brief article below includes some to tell the truth formed suggestions that are certain to be of assist to you when looking for the perfect health insurance.

Doesn't have any traffic 0x77f8765f for health insurance, try to buy Error 2753 Msi it via a group insurance policy, like your employer's. Bunch insurance costs degree of complexity less expensive than certain premiums. Also, whenever you purchase health insurance via your employer, you often are not exposed regarding a health check to be eligible. For that reason, institution health care insurance is a superb choice.

A good health insurance coverage hint is to ensure that you find out what exactly your quality of Wmfdist.exe life insurance protection will take care of. You have to know what sorts of visits your an insurance plan will take care of to make sure that you don't need to s[censored] out of pocket book. Sometimes they'll pay only situation visit is medically necessary.

When relocating to a different express you have to figure out if there're any laws in which you now reside that Fine Dining― A Profound Dining Experience may influence your overall health insurance policy. As an example, the era of your family group may possibly lead maythirdblogmix them to lose coverage in the an insurance plan. Also, whether or not a toddler is enrolled in university could affect Wincinemamgr.exewincin1.exe their protection in the.

A fantastic health care insurance hint that help you save a lot of dough is to be sure a doctor only prescribes you what amount pharmaceuticals you need. This is very critical when attempting out a whole new Ecological Treatment Available For Erectile Dysfunction medication considering that you will not even know if the medication is useful for you.

When you're getting ready to select a health insurance insurance policy, seem to find out if locate any grandaddy exemptions on the market. In the event company has not produced any considerable alterations at your solution, it can qualify hesitation benefits including no cost deterring systems, quitting smoking lessons and immunizations. Create an add up to considerable financial savings!

When getting ready to alter device your health insurance plan to an alternative just Buying Eyeglasses Online For Teenagers Look For Performance and Style one, contemplate what amount of unforeseen doctor procedures you'd for continuing minimal medical concerns lately there has been. These issues are sicknesses like the typical cold or flu virus. Unearth their mediocre cost per year. If you can, feature their charges with and without insurance.

Medical health insurance is useful and important in assisting save your wellness. It can be hard to discover the appropriate a plan and company to be right for you, but when you are going to, it may be very helpful to your future. Don't forget Vista Wont Start Ntldr Missing the ideas from the brief article higher than when you are searching for medical health insurance to Proven Methods to End Itching and Inflammation For Eczema ensure that you experience entire achievement.

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A team from the Monash University in Australia has revealed that black cars are close to 50% more likely to be involved in accidents. The study published in the Safety Science journal, which was reported to have comprised of data collected Win Os Error 77 over a period of 20 years has shown that a black car is the most dangerous colour (or non-colour, since its black). It was also concluded that the other, somewhat dangerous coloured cars to drive around in are grey, silver, red and blue coloured cars. This is as the cars in this colours somehow blends in better with the background or the road, scenery or other cars. In short, a car with the colours mentioned above do not stand out in a sea of traffic and scenery.

The researchers looked through as many as 850,000 accident date from the police for information on the car, the time of the accident and the type of accident. They somehow did not look at maythirdblogmix commercial vehicles, like taxis and delivery vans, even though I somehow think When Searching For Special Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids Take Notice Of What They Are Doing that these vehicles usually have a higher change of getting involved in an accident as they ply the streets more than other Kb150958 people do.

Anyway, the researchers, who have basically dedicated their lives to reviewing accident after accident have found that during daylight, black cars were Mq 2019 Error approximately 12% more likely to meet up with an accident over white vehicles and if it goes dark, throughout dusk till dawn the chances of a black car meeting with an accident rose to 47%.

So we now know that a black car is the most susceptible to getting involved in accidents. What are the safest colours to drive around in then? According to the researchers, white, gold and yellow cars are the safest, but they also mentioned that orange may be even safer than white cars. This fact may be true as some dive watches have bright orange dials and harp on this fact.

Of course, the study goes on to say that while their findings suggest that if people buy less black cars there could be less accidents, it may not be entirely true as they then say that if everyone bought white cars this would then result in less colour contrast on the roads resulting in the vehicles really blending into one another. Imagine every car being Review These Tips If You Chose A Better Home. white or yellow, now that won't do too. They go on Tanzanian Destinations and Tourist Attractions in Tanzania and state that colour is a much less influential crash risk modifier than behavioural traits such as drink-driving, and speeding. They also then conclude Advantages of Buying Warhammer Online Gold that 'It may be possible that simple solutions Stop Keyloggers such as the use of daytime running lights or headlights could effectively negate the elevated risks of higher risk vehicle colours.'; which is what Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and almost all the big names have started using.

Having actually driven and maintained a black 1981 Honda Civic for a long time (still own it actually) and then a silver car, I think that I had better luck driving the silver car as I remember being reversed into by another driver while driving the black car a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away). The driver said she didn't see me as she slotted in reverse and just went straight into the Civic's bumper and grill. Back then I was a lowly student, so it was painful if you know what I mean. I Never had that problem in my silver car and nothing of that 'being invisible' kind of feeling while driving my current white coloured Bingo Internet sites including UK ride. Research like this 00000000b makes you ponder a little.

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Despite a 14 page opinion of judicial diatribe which could have written with a single word— “remanded,” Maryland attorney Montgomery Sibley won the first round in his Article V Convention lawsuit against defendants Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Speaker of the House John Boehner this week. Boehner, who has announced his resignation from Congress, remains a named defendant until a new Speaker of the House is elected. Under federal court rules the new speaker will be automatically substituted as a named defendant for Boehner. Sibley‘s suit seeks a court ordered mandamus requiring McConnell and Boehner as respective leaders of the Senate and House to call an Article V Convention as required by Article V of the United States Constitution. 

The pro-se suit was originally filed in April of this year in Superior Court for the District of Columbia, Civil Division. Defendants, McConnell and Boehner, through government lawyers, immediately opposed the suit showing no indication from their opening statements of even considering constitutional obedience and calling a convention as mandated by the Constitution. In an obvious attempt at dismissal government lawyers remanded (moved from one court jurisdiction to another) the suit from Superior Court for the District of Columbia to the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Under federal law (28 USC 1441, 1442, 1446) remand was automatic. However Sibley challenged the remand under provisions of the same federal law (28 USC 1447). As described in previous stories the purpose of the McConnell/Boehner remand was to have the District Court dismiss the suit entirely based on the fact Sibley had no standing to sue. Standing to sue is a federal court doctrine in which federal courts require a plaintiff to satisfy certain court created standards before the court assumes jurisdiction to rule on the merits of the case. The government and the federal courts rely heavily on lack of standing to dismiss citizens’ actions the government does not want to argue on merits. 

Despite the fact both the Superior Court and District Court are federal courts created by federal law and both have jurisdiction in the District of Columbia, federal law specifies the Superior Court as a “state” court. As such this Court does not require standing to sue as only “federal” courts have this rule. The problem for the defendants was Sibley admitted from the beginning of his lawsuit he lacked standing. Thus, under the provision of the same law used by McConnell/Boehner to remand the suit to District Court, District Court Judge James Boasberg was forced to remand the case back to Superior Court. As noted by Boasberg in his ruling, the law is peremptory, “[i]f at any time before final judgment it appears that the district court lacks subject matter jurisdiction, the case shall be remanded [back to “state” court].” [Emphasis in original]. 

The suit is the third in United States history. The first two, Walker v United States (2000) and Walker v Members of Congress (2004) were filed by this author. The latter suit, Walker v Members of Congress (all members of Congress voluntarily joining against the suit including Boehner and McConnell) was appealed to the Supreme Court. The Court denied certiorari but not before the Solicitor General of the United States, attorney of record for Congress, admitted formally several statements made in my pleading were correct as to fact and law. Court rules mandated the Solicitor General of the United States, who represented all members of Congress, either refute or agree to all statements made by me before the Court ruled on certiorari. The Solicitor General waived the right to respond meaning under court rules he found no fault in the statements of law or fact expressed in the lawsuit. 

Judge Boasberg spent pages blasting Sibley in regards to his suit as well as his personal history but in the end was forced to grant the remand as federal law mandated this as it employed the word preemptive “shall”. While it was obvious from his opinion the judge would have given anything to have dismissed the suit, even he was forced to bow to the peremptory effect of the word “shall” in federal law. 

The problem Judge Boasberg failed to realize is by ruling the Court and defendants McConnell and Boehner were bound by the peremptory word “shall” as used in law he was, in fact, ruling on the key issue of the entire case, a fact certainly not lost on Sibley. The Constitution uses the identical word “shall” to describe the “peremptory” act by Congress that is Congress “shall” call an Article V Convention. If anything, the word “shall” in the Constitution has more authority than when used in statute. Thus by admitting the word “shall” binds the Court and the defendants to a specific action, however undesired, Judge Boasberg in fact ruled on the peremptory power of that word and its legal authority as well as the obligation of the defendants to obey that word. Thus, in spite of his saying Sibley lacked standing, Boasberg actually made a ruling. Interestingly the same thing occurred in my lawsuits when District Court Judge Coughenour ruled I lacked standing then ruled the convention application process was subject to the Coleman doctrine, a position never before expressed by a federal court. 

As the word “peremptory” basically means no excuse allowed whatsoever, the fact Sibley lacks standing or any other objection defendants care to assert, is irrelevant as the peremptory requirement of the Constitution expressed through the word “shall” renders all of them unconstitutional and equally applies (“It is not the function of courts or legislative bodies, national or state, to alter the method which the Constitution has fixed.”) to Congress and the Court. All that remains for Sibley is present this fact to the Superior Court along with the ample evidence that (1) the states have applied in sufficient number to cause a convention call; (2) the call is based on a numeric count of applying states with no other terms or conditions; (3) that because no vote, debate or even a committee is permitted (See: General Annals of Congress 1 (J. Gales Ed.) Pg 00257-258 Yr 1789 , Pg 00259-00259 , and Pg 00261-00262) by Congress thus allowing it to escape its ministerial peremptory duty suing any member of Congress is sufficient to cause the call and; (4) in 1789 Congress established a procedure where it is to be notified when a sufficient number of applications have been filed by the states and the two defendant officers have within their power as officers of Congress the ability to request such information. (See Senate Rule 7—“On each legislative day after the Journal is read, the Presiding Officer on demand of any Senator shall lay before the Senate messages from the President, reports and communications from the heads of Departments, and other communications addressed to the Senate, and such bills, joint resolutions, and other messages from the House of Representatives as may remain upon his table from any previous day's session undisposed of. The Presiding Officer on demand of any Senator shall then call for, in the following order: The presentation of petitions and memorials.” (All applications by the states have been filed by Congress as memorials). House Rule VII: “Receipt of Referral of Measures and Matters Messages 1. Messages received from the Senate or the President, shall be entered on the Journal and published in the Congressional Record of the proceedings that day. Referral 2. (a) The Speaker shall refer each bill, resolution, or other matter that relates to a subject listed under a standing committee named in clause 1 of rule X in accordance with the provisions of this clause … (6) may make such other provision as may be considered appropriate.” As the 1789 Congress precluded a convention call being submitted to a committee of Congress, clearly the only official empowered by the rules of the House to “make such other provision as may be considered appropriate” is the Speaker of the House. Congress also made provision in 1789 that the applications be sent to the national archives. (In a related side note I recently submitted a petition for rulemaking to the NARA for the purpose of establishing formal notification to Congress by NARA of the record of applications submitted by the states). 

Judge Boasberg’s opinion demonstrates he did not properly research the facts. Obviously a federal judge is supposed aware of the content of the United States Constitution. Any judge that is not aware should, in the interest of justice, resign his office for incompetence. Judge Boasberg seems a candidate for resignation as he repeatedly makes factual errors in regards to the Constitution. Fox example, throughout his opinion he refers to an Article V Convention as a “constitutional convention.” While the terms “Article V Convention” and “amendments convention” commonly used in connection with Article V of the United States Constitution may not be precise, they do describe the essence of the actual words in Article V, “convention for proposing amendments.” The words are simultaneously self-limiting and descriptive. The convention’s purpose is singular—the proposal of amendments by convention to the United States Constitution. There is no such thing as a “constitutional convention” in the Constitution. Therefore any use of such term given that legal dictionaries define a “constitutional convention” as meaning a convention intended to create a new constitution, is clearly demonstrative of the ignorance of the person employing the term when his referring to the convention described in Article V especially when the provision of Article V (“…to this Constitution…”) preclude such an interpretation as the language mandates that even if a convention (or Congress as it has identical proposal power) does propose a new constitution it would be an adjunct to our present Constitution, an impossible scenario. These terms are simply two different legal creatures and are neither mutual nor interchangeable. Judge Boasberg demonstrates his legal ignorance when he mixes them or worse yet labels an Article V Convention as a constitutional convention. 

On first page of his opinion the judge refers to Federalist 85 quoting Alexander Hamilton who discussed the obligation of Congress to call a convention. The judge quotes the text but obviously does not believe it as he then spends almost the entire 14 pages blasting Sibley for holding the exact same view the judge himself quotes. Like many people opposed to a convention the judge attempts to slime in the proposition applications must be on the identical amendment subject (usually referred to as “same subject) in order to “count” meaning if Congress determines the applications are not on the same subject it is not obligated to call a convention. 

But the judge’s own action in his ruling disproves his position by making clear the peremptory obligation of the word “shall”. An action cannot be peremptory if the party at which the peremptory act is intended possesses an option not to perform the act. Granting Congress the power to define applications beyond the basic numeric count called for in Article V provides such an option and therefore is unconstitutional. Further, Judge Boasberg ignored relevant federal court rulings. As the judge refers to two items on page one, neither of which were mentioned by either party during their briefs, obviously the judge did research (or more likely had his clerk do the legwork). At the minimum relevant decisions by the Supreme Court should have been consulted. The fact Congress must call a convention has been stated by the Supreme Court no less than four times throughout its history; all of the decisions have been unanimous opinions by the Court. 

Most relevant to this point is United States v Sprague in which the Supreme Court not only expressly stated Congress must call a convention but went on to express that Article V cannot suffer “rules of construction, interpolation or addition.” [Emphasis added]. Simply put this means the Supreme Court was telling all other judges that what you see is what you get and what is is what is. Obviously this judge didn’t get the memo. He used same subject as the basis to state, “None of these efforts [at a convention call] has been successful” without bothering to explain why they have been “unsuccessful.” 

An explanation of why “these efforts” have not been “successful” can be succinctly expressed: Congress has deliberately and willfully ignored the Constitution and refused to call a convention. Until recently Congress didn’t even have a list of applications available to them to know when the states had applied. The first tentative attempt by Congress in history at creating a list began this year but its progress has been appallingly slow. A full and complete list of the 766 applications from 49 states can be read the FOAVC website. 

Judge Boasberg’s suggested Sibley’s correct reading of the Constitution was incorrect. Thus when Sibley read Article V at face value as required by Sprague such that when the Constitution says “on the application of two-thirds of the several state legislatures” it means “on the application of two-thirds of the several state legislatures” this meant something else other than a numeric ratio of all states to some of the states with nothing else added. It has always been interesting to me how people can read every other numeric ratio used the Constitution and correctly state it to be a ratio of some part to the whole (with no other interpretation) but when it comes Article V and the convention suddenly this numeric ratio means everything but a ratio of the part to the whole. While he did not say it directly obviously the judge questioned Sibley’s application evidence. Had he bothered to do his homework the judge would have discovered the source of the 35 applications Sibley provided in his lawsuit; the FOAVC list of 766 applications from 49 states taken directly from official government documents, namely the Congressional Record. Had he even read the relevant Supreme Court rulings he would have known how to correctly interpret the evidence and even this federal judge has to know two thirds of 50 is 34 and 49 is greater than 34 meaning the states have satisfied the requirement making a call peremptory on all members of Congress—including McConnell and Boehner. 

But the matter does not stop there. Examination of the public record shows at least three same subject issues (repeal of federal income tax—39 states; apportionment—38 states and balanced budget—36 states) have already reached and exceeded the two thirds mark. Thus regardless of whether Sibley is correct or the judge is correct, a convention is mandated. 

The Founders clearly state a convention call is based on the number of applying states as the references already provided to the May 5, 1787 congressional record proves. Indeed as already shown, the public record proves Congress itself has reached this conclusion with publication of its 1930 report regarding applications. Indeed there is no record whatsoever supporting the assertion that the Founders, Congress or the courts have held any position but that the trigger cause for a convention call is a numeric count of applying states. 

At the end of this short, inaccurate discussion of applications, Judge Boasberg then concedes the argument by stating “This Court has no opportunity to determine whether Sibley’s quest is quixotic; as he concedes he has no Article III standing, remand is the only appropriate outcome.” Bluntly, the judge could have ended his opinion at this point but instead choose to employ irrelevant personal attacks against Sibley. 

The judge spends the next several paragraphs beginning on page 2 discussing Sibley’s previous legal history of court filings none of which have anything to with the current issue as none relates to it. In other words, he attempts to smear Sibley’s reputation and implies that the present lawsuit is part of Sibley’s “unmeritorious lawsuit” history. While I will not comment on these prior lawsuits as I have not read them, I can only observe in this case at least Sibley presents irrefutable public record—irrefutable in that neither the defendants nor the judge are able to present any evidence which refutes Sibley’s statement that the states have applied in sufficient number to cause a convention call. Thus if the courts ultimately reject Sibley’s suit it will be more than meritorious. Its outcome will decide whether the government has to obey the Constitution. The judge assumes but presents no court ruling backing his assumption of same subject. The reason is there is no record which disproves numeric count in United States history. If there were convention opponents would have long since used it and the judge obviously would have referred to it. 

The judge then reviews the facts of the case and then moves to discuss legal standards. He then cites several federal cases all of which mandate that the Court must “treat the complaint’s factual allegation as true…and must grant plaintiff ‘the benefit of all inferences that can be derived from the facts alleged.” Thus, despite the best effort of the judge unless defendants can prove with factual evidence Sibley’s assertion of numeric count is factually incorrect or his presumption regarding count methodology is incorrect, it must be accepted as true. 

The judge discusses briefly the arguments of the defendants which are (1) Sibley lacks standing and therefore the court has no jurisdiction to hear the case and must therefore dismiss; (2) the Speech and Debate Clause of the Constitution “blocks Plaintiff’s claims ‘because they arise out of an alleged failure to take legislative action’; (3) the question is barred due to the political question doctrine. 

It should be noted defendants McConnell/Boehner did not assert Coleman v Miller which was somewhat surprising as their lawyers could then have simply said, “the Court has said we have total control of the amendment process and therefore you (the Court) have nothing to say about it.” No doubt however this argument will arise. What is more interesting the argument regarding the “legislative” act. Simply put, a call is not a legislative act. In Hollingsworth v Virginia the Supreme Court eliminated the President from the amendment process stating the amendment process was not ordinary legislation and therefore the president shall have no part of it. Without presidential participation (which is to say presidential review and possible veto) Congress cannot pass legislation. Moreover Article V does not grant legislative powers to Congress in regards to call. Now this is not to say Congress cannot by rule or legislation create a process for the operational aspects of a convention (such as how applications are processed in Congress and other pragmatic issues related to a convention) as this is necessary to facilitate the peremptory call. What it means Congress cannot legislatively regulate a convention and prevent its calling by means of a presidential veto or attempt to control convention agenda, delegate selection or predetermination of an amendment proposal because they lack legislative authority to do so. The convention agenda, delegate selection and probable outcome is established by the people when they elect convention delegates who have sought office based on their position regarding amendment proposals not by a cabal of politicians in a smoke filled room. 

“The text of the removal statue is unequivocal: it instructs that “[i]f at any time before final judgment it appears that the district court lacks subject matter jurisdiction the call case shall [sic] be remanded.” Despite his finding the text of federal law “unequivocal Judge Boasberg next attempted to assert because he believed the case to “futile” it could be dismissed without remand (thus ignoring the federal law entirely) but that “[t]he circuits [federal appeals courts] are split” on the question. Thus the courts are “split” on whether an explicit federal law should be obeyed as written or ignored based on the opinion of a judge who feels a particular case is “futile” without bothering with the cumbersome but constitutionally required process of congressional revision of the statute. The problem is, in reaching such a conclusion the court is, in fact, ruling on the merits of the case finding it “futile” meaning the court holds it can ignore its own standing to sue doctrine entirely and rule anyway. I can think nothing else that so clearly demonstrates the hypocrisy of the doctrine of standing than this attempt by Judge Boasberg. 

The fact is the Constitution is as unequivocal as the statute and therefore presents the same identical question of obedience to the Superior Court. It will be interesting to see in upcoming litigation how the Court handles this question—not one of obedience by the government to a federal law but outright obedience to the entire Constitution. Not only is the word “shall” used in Article V but throughout the Constitution. Indeed the preemptive word “shall” is responsible for causing compliance by the government to every provision in the document. Thus, all provisions of the Constitution using the word “shall” are peremptory. Establish anywhere in that document the word “shall” can be disregarded by the government and you’ve destroyed the entire Constitution as it becomes nothing more than an “advisory” opinion from some long dead colonial leaders. To give an idea of the effect on the Constitution if the word “shall” is nullified—according to one source the word “shall” is used 185 times in the Constitution with all usage denoting either a prescribed limit or required action. Hence 185 provisions of the Constitution will be nullified if Sibley loses his battle over the word “shall.” 

Now that the case has been remanded to Superior Court and assuming the government doesn’t attempt to waste countless tax dollars in an useless appeal hoping that federal appeals court judges can’t read the law, a logical question is how will the case proceed. Sibley has already indicated in previously filed papers that he desires a jury trial (and thus testimony by the defendants). Whether this occurs remains to be seen. But what arguments will both sides present? Obviously the government will again attempt to raise the issue of standing hoping for a home run of dismissal without having to address the merits of the issue—primarily the fact the peremptory word “shall” as used both in the federal law and the Constitution defeats their case. Unfortunately for the government the judge’s ruling makes that impossible as both sides will have no choice but to refer to it in the record meaning whether raised by Sibley or the defendants, the fact “shall” is peremptory and thus excludes all excuses offered is bound to come up. 

The next tactic of the government will be to assert Coleman v Miller much as they did in my two lawsuits. But Sibley has two alternatives which were not open to me in my suits. First, he has a published public record proving the states have applied in sufficient number to cause a convention call. I only had an article from a law review which, while it listed the applications, did not present the irrefutable proof of publication which Sibley, thanks to FOAVC gathering the applications from public record, now exists. While the judge attempted to slant this evidence it was not refuted as inaccurate meaning both judge and government concede the states have satisfied the terms of Article V. 

Second, if the government uses Coleman it may backfire on them. It will open the door for a discussion of the doctrine of standing in general if Sibley desires. Standing to sue relates to the court having jurisdiction over a case. Over the years the courts have evolved a series of tests, none of which are supported by constitutional language and more importantly, none of which are authorized by act of Congress. For under the Constitution it is Congress, not the courts that establish court jurisdiction. Thus any determination of what constitutes standing is a legislative act not a judicial one. But Congress is prohibited by the Constitution from setting such standards which is why they have never passing a standing to sue law. Moreover, the courts have always based their doctrine of standing on the “cases and controversies” clause of Article III. The problem with this is the 11th Amendment (and the 7th Amendment) introduced the word “suits” into the Constitution. A suit is neither a controversy nor a case. Each term has a different legal definition. 

Thus, the doctrine of standing, which has never addressed the third form of legal appeal allowed in the Constitution, a suit, is constitutionally lacking. Indeed it could be argued that the word “suit” being in the amendments, altered the words of the Constitution and removed the terms “cases” and “controversies” from its text. So basically what is stated in the Constitution is the only “standing” the court can enforce. If a party satisfies any of the listed jurisdictions (those found in Article III, Section 2) in Article III they have satisfied the only constitutional standing there is. So while a case may be a suit, the fact the word “suit” is specifically described in the Constitution meaning it is clearly delineated from inclusion as a case or a controversy. Basically a “suit” refers to the “redress of any injury or the enforcement of a right.” 

Obviously the people have the “right of alter or abolish” as guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence and agreed to by treaty thus making it law of the land under the terms of the Constitution. The fact this right is being denied by Congress by denying the people a convention and allowing that convention to propose amendments to the Constitution. Thus Sibley’s action is most properly a suit which has never been included in the doctrine of standing by the courts and therefore must be presumed not be subject to that doctrine. 

Further Coleman (See page 457 of the opinion) grants Congress extraordinary powers as the Court determined a ratification vote contrary to congressional desire is an act of rebellion. Thus the Court authorized Congress to seize power of the military from the President and employ that military to remove state legislatures and replace those legislatures with people of congressional choosing in order to achieve a desired ratification vote. The Court said despite these powers stated Congress must obey the Constitution. One can only assume therefore if Congress uses these powers it is obeying the Constitution according to the Supreme Court. Indeed Coleman states Congress has “absolute” control over the amendment process under what is termed the political question doctrine. Finally the Court stated any opinion given by the Court regarding the amendment process is an “advisory” opinion. The problem for the government is an “advisory” opinion does not require standing. Sibley can request the Court give him an opinion, albeit advisory, and entirely sidestep the issue of standing if he chooses to raise Coleman or the government does him a favor and brings it up themselves. 

Given the issue comes down to documented public record which favors Sibley if the suit goes to merits (and you can bet the government will expend every effort to avoid that happening) the defendants will lose. However don’t look for a convention that soon—no doubt the government will appeal. In short, while it will be a long battle Sibley will prevail. If not the Court will face a distinct distasteful alternative; granting Congress authority to veto the Constitution and full control of the amendment process summed up with a single word: dictatorship.

Dan · Oct 22 '15
plu·toc·ra·cy noun \plü-ˈtä-krə-sē\ : 

government by the richest people : 

a country that is ruled by the richest people : 

a group of very rich people who have a lot of power 

~ Merriam-Webster 

The Supreme Court’s latest terrible decision in McCutcheon v. FEC took away the spending limits individuals can influence/bribe politicians with. We officially have a government of the crooks, by the crooks, for the highest bidders. Half of these crooks don’t want to see anyone cast another bothersome vote. You are serfs, that pray you don’t get thrown from the land call home after working for a pittance and degrading yourself in a food service economy. We are ruled by the nobility, warped by the clergy, and you are now in a class of idiots to be oppressed for profit. Step 1: We need to put progress back in progressive. So let’s talk about how to get out of this mess. The first step is admit this system is obsolete. Say it with me, “I declare this government is obsolete.” We can no longer do anything other than raise debt and get in to wars. Most of us don’t drive a car that is more than 12 years old. Why do we depend on a system of government that is older than any other technology we would use today? We need to amend it, … a lot. I know people love the Constitution, but which part? Is it the preamble? That doesn't count. Can we consider abolishing the electoral college? The Constitution is no more than an instruction book for our system of government. Everyone is sick of Congress these days, limit the terms, create more members of Congress to decentralize the power. We need to regain our representation as constituents. So let’s consider some ideas outside the box, but how do we take action on them … ? Well it just so happens the founding fathers knew this would happen. Inside the Constitution in Article V, there is this handy tool, “a convention to propose amendments”. Hallelujah!! 

Step 2: 

Congratulations, you have made it to step 2. Ok, you know you need amendments and you want a convention to propose them. 

How do we trigger it? It takes 34 states to request one. 

How many states have applied for this convention? All of them 

So how many are left? None 

Why hasn’t a convention been called? Please refer to step 1 above. 

Congressman Duncan D. Hunter from California just asked Speaker Boehner how many states have applied for a convention to consider a balanced budget amendment? No one knows for sure, because no one ever counted before. I know this for a fact because I made a similar request of both houses of Congress in April last year and this is the one year anniversary of Congress’ attempt to count to 34. Those requests are still stuck in the Judiciary Committees of both Houses of Congress, it is long story. I also turned in 42 states that appear to have legal standing applications for such a convention and they haven’t told me any of them don’t count anymore. 

These requests were entered in the Congressional record for both houses and remain unanswered. However the more people who know about this obstruction by Congress, the harder it will be for them to ignore the calls from state legislatures. 

Congressional Record Entries: 

[Page: S6204] POM-120. A communication from citizens of the State of Hawaii petitioning for verification and tabulation of State applications for an Article V Convention; to the Committee on the Judiciary. 


Under clause 3 of rule XII, 55. The SPEAKER presented a petition of Dan Marks, Hilo, HI, relative to a letter regarding methods for proposing amendments; which was referred to the committee on the Judiciary. 

Somehow last week the State of Michigan determined they were now the 34th state to apply for a convention. However, Congress isn’t counting. The official count is still zero. So what do you do? Say it with me, “We demand our convention, NOW.” That is great, keep saying that. That is what you need to do, and soon they will hear all of you. It is a power of legislatures as much as it is “the right of the people to alter or to abolish”. We act through our legislatures to apply for a convention. Inform politicians it is your desire to have a convention and you need them to apply on your behalf. This is not your case to make for a legislator to make a judgment, there is a slightly different dynamic here. You are not lobbying for legislation. It might seem over simplistic to think of it from that perspective but you are exercising a right that already exists, not asking them to see it your way. 

"Reviewing the history of the Article V Convention alternative, the record of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 clearly demonstrated the founders’ original intent. During the convention, they agreed that a second mode of amendment was needed to balance the grant of amendatory power to Congress. This method, clearly identified in Article V as co-equal to congressional proposal of amendments, empowered the people, acting through their state legislatures, to summon a convention that would have equal authority to propose an amendment or amendments, which would then be presented to the states for ratification."
The Article V Convention for Proposing Constitutional Amendments: Historical Perspectives for Congress
Thomas H. Neale

Step 3:
Now you might think you have this thing figured out but stay engaged and keep talking to people about what proposals are appealing or a bad ideas. The urgency of the issues of the day will be the discussion of the conventions. Stop thinking in terms of ideological agendas and find out where we agree with those on the right. Do we agree our government spends too much? So it is a matter of how we regulate that spending. I have a long list of things that I would love to see the US stop spending so much money on too. Let’s find out where we agree. 

"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it. I can not be ignorant of the fact that many worthy and patriotic citizens are desirous of having the National Constitution amended. While I make no recommendation of amendments, I fully recognize the rightful authority of the people over the whole subject, to be exercised in either of the modes prescribed in the instrument itself; and I should, under existing circumstances, favor rather than oppose a fair opportunity being afforded the people to act upon it. I will venture to add that to me the convention mode seems preferable, in that it allows amendments to originate with the people themselves, instead of only permitting them to take or reject propositions originated by others, not especially chosen for the purpose, and which might not be precisely such as they would wish to either accept or refuse."

The Inaugural Address of Abraham Lincoln 

Delivered March 4, 1861 

The time to act is now, we are ready to push this through as Americans. Stand up or the opinions of future generations of Americans will mean nothing more than those of cattle.

Dan · Apr 7 '14
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