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Eliminate multiple agencies

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We have too many agencies. Many of those agencies do the same thing. In some cases, this creates a conflict. We don't need to pay several federal officials exorbitant salaries to do the same thing. This would also make our government smaller. More of our taxes could go to paying off debt, rather than increasing it.
Jun 28, 2013 KSigel 430

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Good, as far as it goes.  I like it, but let's put some specifics into it.  An example would be that the FBI and Secret Service both investigate cyber crime...too much duplication of effort.  Both organizations are outnumbered and cannot even come close to investigating all the complaints.  The number of complaints goes up every year, and my last information was that each agency was getting a minimum of 500 complaints each day.  So, how do we come up with downsizing and streamlining and still stay functional?
Mar 12, 2015 anonymous
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the fbi thinks its a standing army and invesgators
Jul 6, 2016 wethecom 1,590